Did Floyd Mayweather Really Bet Over $10 Million On Broncos Super Bowl Win?

Liam Farrell

Liam Farrell

However, if you are new to sports betting or do not feel comfortable with the arbitrage method, you might want to check out an alternative to sports betting arbitrage http://www.blingmyhomepage.com. Here you will find additional sports betting advice that could make you more successful.
Liam Farrell

But often he announces them on Twitter, which Mayweather has yet to do this time.

Given Mayweather’s reputation as a gambler, the more than $10 million bet on the Broncos does seem like a possibility. likes to make big sports bets, but he may have really outdone himself with this one — Mayweather allegedly placed a staggering $10.4 million bet on the Denver Broncos winning the Super Bowl this weekend.

The champion boxer, who topped Forbes’ list of highest paid athletes in 2012 and Sports Illustrated’s earnings list in 2013, has been known to make really big bets. Grantland’s Dermot Hunt tracked Mayweather’s Twitter announcements of his gambling from over a roughly two-year period, and found the champion boxer tweeting photos of nearly 50 gambling slips that totaled almost $4 million.

Back in 2013, Mayweather was rumored to have bet more than $5.9 million on the Miami Heat to defeat the Indiana Pacers in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals. If he did, in fact, make the big bet, he would have profited around $6.49 million.

The Denver Post’s First-And-Orange blog first reported that a number of Las Vegas bookies were saying Mayweather did actually make the massive bet.

But boxing website FightHype.com says no way, after speaking with Mayweather’s massage therapist, Doralie Medina — who, when asked about the rumor, told the site, “No, that’s not m88 sportbook true at all.”.

Laceup Boxing tweeted this Monday:

Undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr

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Learn Online Sports Betting

Liam Farrell

Liam Farrell

However, if you are new to sports betting or do not feel comfortable with the arbitrage method, you might want to check out an alternative to sports betting arbitrage http://www.blingmyhomepage.com. Here you will find additional sports betting advice that could make you more successful.
Liam Farrell

Nevertheless, on behalf of it to be worthwhile, gamblers must recognize how to play appropriately and maneuver precisely. To assist them by this, they could also explore online for straightforward glossaries on the most ordinary stipulations used in placing bets in cyberspace.

After getting a reasonable clasp on the most frequently used sports gambling terms, novices can develop towards consideration sports gambling odds. Also, a gambler who recognizes how to recognize and scrutinize the likelihood to the match can create an enhanced betting strategy, virtually giving that gambler and perimeter amongst the additional players.

Making effective bets is truthfully pleasant. Nevertheless doing this might not be the simplest item to do. That’s an extensive and deadly procedure and gamblers need to study the simple essentials.. This is significant, as the match rotates in the region of these odds. However, for novices, they can simply obtain this capacity by looking for a variety of trustworthy tips concerning introducing digital m88 bets.

If you are desirous to become a sports betting champ by mastering your betting skills, all you need to do is visit the site. This is where skill comes in versatile. It takes huge knowledge and investigations to do this. The method a player holds his/her cash in insertion bets online can also make or crack him/her. Novices can begin by scrutinizing pro-bettors at first. They can maintain themselves modernized waiting they have a recognizable clasp on the stipulations.

Long distance sports gamblers may previously be acquainted with by at the present that a steadfast and secure gambler is one of the most significant things to appear subsequent to betting games online. And, if you are seeking some tips related to online betting make sure to visit this link.

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To initiate off, it’s imperative for all aspiring gamblers to study significant terms used in gambling sports online. Culturing the fundamental stipulations would be a great initial point. Later on all, it’s not just a stuff of only selecting out any arbitrary booker who’s keen to take suggestions.

And finally, gamblers can also labor on learning how to expand good cash managing


Football betting – how to win regularly

Liam Farrell

Liam Farrell

However, if you are new to sports betting or do not feel comfortable with the arbitrage method, you might want to check out an alternative to sports betting arbitrage http://www.blingmyhomepage.com. Here you will find additional sports betting advice that could make you more successful.
Liam Farrell

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Advantages Of Playing In An Online Casino

Liam Farrell

Liam Farrell

However, if you are new to sports betting or do not feel comfortable with the arbitrage method, you might want to check out an alternative to sports betting arbitrage http://www.blingmyhomepage.com. Here you will find additional sports betting advice that could make you more successful.
Liam Farrell

You can start your journey in an online casino by taking a look in to the free practice area where you will be permitted to play for free with fake money.. This facility is very important and useful for problem gamblers.

Online casinos provide you with more than normal number of advantages. Online casinos are inexpensive in that you do not spend for fuel to travel until there and you do not impulsively purchase food and drinks; however, if you should really be a profitable player, learn the tricks and nuances, otherwise fun can become terrifying when you loose lots of your money.

Good online casino sites provide you with tutorial material on how to use the software. The interesting thing is that you can also play these games from your mobile phones.

If you are just new to the casino world, you might not be sure of how to proceed with the games and it might be risky to start with real money right away. This is one of the major advantages of online casinos.

o In an online casino, you have the option of getting trained and also you will be enjoying the benefit of getting a sign up bonus for joining a site.

o Apart from that, you will also be getting a number of bonuses and reward points for playing more, which you will very rarely find in land based casinos.

o Land based casinos provide you with tips and ideas to play within your bankroll by providing you with expert bankroll management ideas, but online casinos more often than not stresses the importance of money management.

o In some of the online casinos you can also request the site to not permit you to play beyond certain bankrolls. They also provide you with guidelines about the rules of the games, tips, strategies etcetera. You can read through them at any hour in the day and get yourself acquainted with the nuances of the game.

By: Eden Katz

If you were to get in to a brick and motor casino without knowing anything about the casino games, you are likely to feel shy and helpless out there; however, under the same circumstances when you are in an online casino, then you are sure to find some real good help without disturbing your co-players from the tutorials available there. The primary advantage will be that you can play these games from anywhere in the world if you have an internet connection with a computer or a laptop.

For more information on Online Casino gambling and other advantages to online casino gambling check out online-casinos-707.net.

Though it might sound too easy, the sooner you enter a room in an online casino you might not be sure of how to start and where to start.

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

Another major advantage with online casinos is that you will spend less on drinks and food since you will be playing from your home or office. Therefore, even if you are going to be tempted to play beyond your bankroll limit, the software will not permit you; however, you will still have the access rights to change your bankroll limitations over again

Online Gambling’s Good for U.S.

Liam Farrell

Liam Farrell

However, if you are new to sports betting or do not feel comfortable with the arbitrage method, you might want to check out an alternative to sports betting arbitrage http://www.blingmyhomepage.com. Here you will find additional sports betting advice that could make you more successful.
Liam Farrell

Many federal and state-level politicians want to legalize online gambling, which Congress made illegal in 2006.

For example, in 2009 there were 2,381 sites run by 493 companies licensed in 50 jurisdictions worldwide.

Banning online gambling in the domestic American market simply results in the establishment of Internet gaming sites overseas. The online gambling industry is merely another form of commerce where prohibition is the wrong option.

Another major benefit of allowing online gambling is that competition will be introduced into a highly regulated marketplace dominated by licensed providers who monopolize the gaming market. Many of these sites were established in small nations with little or no regulatory oversight.

Federal prosecutors just dealt consumer freedom a terrible hand, shutting down the gambling website Bodog.com and indicting four company executives, including founder Calvin Ayre, for alleged illegal gambling that actually generated $100 million in customer winnings. He coauthored (with John Luik) the Democracy Institute book, Gambling: A Healthy Bet.

Prohibitionists appear to ignore the fact that most gambling sites, like any reputable business, rely on customer loyalty to remain profitable. As such, the Internet offers potential consumers convenient and inexpensive access to their favorite gambling sites, introducing competition into an industry once dominated by highly restrictive licensing practices.

Two additional factors contribute to the inevitable failure of prohibition. As other jurisdictions identify the demand for online gambling, they have supplied this service to consumers.

This form of gambling also encourages private sector businesses to develop network capacity and commerce. Along with the inefficient use of resources caused by prohibition, there’s the danger of unintentionally increasing the criminal element.

The Internet has revealed the potential of technology not only to dramatically increase existing gambling opportunities but also to introduce new ones. First, online technology renders prohibition futile. In addition, the technological and human capital required to locate offenders is substantial, as are the costs of prosecution and incarceration. Ironically the anti-Bodog crackdown comes as the push for sensible regulation of the online gambling industry is gathering serious political momentum.

Online gambling can be regulated effectively and without excessive cost, to standards that will provide strong protections for consumers and vulnerable players. Not only will this increased competition result in a wider range of gambling activities, it will reduce cost to consumers. Including unlicensed sites, the total rose to 6,000. With legal online gambling, competition among operators would increase to such an extent that they will be forced by the marketplace, rather than by governments, to offer a reduced house advantage.

In recent years, it’s become clear to a growing number of policymakers, including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, that the ban on online gambling is a failure. If the domestic marketplace demands online gambling, which it clearly does, it will be supplied with or without government consent. The necessity of maintaining a strong customer base would motivate legal American service providers to offer legitimate, reputable gambling sites.. Increased competition results in a more efficient allocation of resources, as gambling providers attempt to maintain and attract new customers.

In 2008, the global online gambling market was valued at $20 billion annually, with 50 percent of that demand coming from the U.S.. This is especially true given service providers’ unrestrained access to overseas Internet sites in jurisdictions without online gambling restrictions.

Second, consumer demand for online gambling and the government’s demand for tax revenues will create enormous pressure for legalization in any jurisdiction, such as the U.S., that currently operates a domestic ban.

A great degree of surveillance is required to detect online illegality, and there are significant difficulties in locating, investigating, and prosecuting online offenders. The ill-advised indictments handed down against Calvin Ayre and his Bodog colleagues cannot alter that fact. The principal benefit of regulation to online players is the personal and legal security of funds, whereas currently players in unregulated environments have no legal recourse over matters such as suspected cheating and frozen assets.

The current prohibitionist law is really a protectionist measure designed to support specific domestic operators, such as the websites run by the horse betting industry. Stopping American online gambling is truly mission impossible, with a vast number of insurmountable challenges facing governments that endeavor to criminalize online gambling.

Gambling is one of the great successes of online commerce. As an international network, the Internet provides an instant detour around domestic prohibition.

Patrick Basham is a Cato Institute adjunct scholar

The Tv Show Deal Or No Deal

Liam Farrell

Liam Farrell

However, if you are new to sports betting or do not feel comfortable with the arbitrage method, you might want to check out an alternative to sports betting arbitrage http://www.blingmyhomepage.com. Here you will find additional sports betting advice that could make you more successful.
Liam Farrell

Initially called Miljoenenjacht the show was devised by Dick de Rijk and hosted by Linda de Mol. The show was an instant success and was soon picked up by Australian TV. Contestants removed boxes one by one trying to leave one of the biggest cash amounts for themselves whislt the mysterious banker would try to tempt then to deal for a lesser amount.

Professor Linda Wolstenholme, of City University’s Cass Business School, said most contestants end up taking home less than the average because they are not professional gamblers.

Other tips for playing online is to always take a sign up bonus when playing online as this in many cases doubles your starting bankroll before you even play. Some continued to use models whilst others such in the UK version used boxes. The Australian production though was different from the Dutch show. The cash amounts in the boxes online vary depending on your stake. The quiz part of the show was dropped and they brought in models to represent the suitcases.

The show became very popular in Australia and was picked up by networks all around the world. He also writes about playing for profit and Free Bingo

Deal or no Deal is a TV that is gaining immense popularity all around the world. Remember many online bingo sites have the deal or no deal game and many offer you free cash when you sign up so you can play for real money 100% free!. The show started way back in 2001 in Holland. The initial format was a studio audience of 500 with a knock out quiz with a play off to win a cash prize hidden in one of 26 suitcases. Using the UK shows stats since the show’s launch two years ago, only one contestant – 24-year-old Laura Pearce – has been lucky enough to win the jackpot. Again the odds for banking the top amount in the online version are one thousand to one and the best strategy is to accept an offer that is around the average of all boxes rather than risk a thousand to one shot gambling for the top prize.

Ben Sleuth writes about live and Online Bingo. You may well be very surprised to know that the odds of leaving the highest cash amount until last are a staggering one thousand to one. If you watch the show it is very apparent that those who gamble and chase the big win most times fail.

Statisticians who worked out the best strategy for maximising winnings on the Channel Four game show say those taking part should accept the first offer of more than £20,000 from the programme’s banker. So during the early days the show was a mix of general knowledge and chance. f they never receive an offer that high, they should continue to the end of the game and try their luck, the team from London’s City University concluded.

By: Ben Sleuth

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

The game has also now established itself online and is available on many sites which you can play for fun or real money. The average prize form all the UK shows has been £15,360, which is considerably less than the average sum of all the boxes, which is just over twenty five thousand pounds.

On the UK show contestants have boxes that range from one pound to two hundred thousand pounds so lets look at the basic strategy and optimum game play

What Are The Chances of Being Pregnant at 47?

Liam Farrell

Liam Farrell

However, if you are new to sports betting or do not feel comfortable with the arbitrage method, you might want to check out an alternative to sports betting arbitrage http://www.blingmyhomepage.com. Here you will find additional sports betting advice that could make you more successful.
Liam Farrell

It does take longer to get pregnant the older you get but if you are still ovulating then there is still a chance. If you think you might be pregnant then take a home pregnancy test or go to your doctor and get checked out by them, but be aware that I have heard and read a lot of stories of women going to their doctor thinking they might be pregnant and the doctor totally writing off the idea and saying it must be the menopause. As long as you bear this in mind then this may keep your chances in perspective.

Do You Have a Regular Cycle?

If you have a regular cycle and are still ovulating then there is a chance that you can become pregnant. So, if you do want to get pregnant and you are 47 (or even older) then it is worth trying of course to see if it will happen for you as, after all, you might be one of the lucky ones.

If you are actively trying to get pregnant then it is worth monitoring your cycles by taking your temperature and using ovulation tests. Check out my article on when will I ovulate for more info.

Using Donor Eggs

Once you get past about 44 and you still want to get pregnant then doctors recommend the use of donor eggs in IVF treatment as this has a massively higher success rate than using your own eggs. In fact there are cases of women who go on to give birth into their early fifties but this is rare. Women can undergo this treatment into their early 50s (and some will take older women) so you don’t have to rush into it.

A lot of women these days are putting off getting pregnant until later in life, or maybe it just hasn’t happened for them so if you have a wish to get pregnant at 47 then as long as you are ovulating then there is a chance it might happen, and in life a long shot is better than no shot at all. I went through this myself and am now pregnant (I will be 46 in a few months).

Getting Pregnant at 47

Of course there is always the chance that you could be pregnant at the age of 47, even if it is a pretty slim one. Well maybe this is true in the majority of cases but stick to your guns if you think differently and get a pregnancy test.

The success rates for donor eggs vary from around 50 to 80% so this is a great chance to have a healthy baby. The doctor may test your FSH and if it comes out at a high number (over 25) then you may have less chance of getting pregnant (but there is still hope)..

I would be interested to hear from the experiences of women in their 40′s who have got pregnant.

The problem with getting pregnant in your 40s, as I know, is that the chance of miscarriage is much higher due to the possibility of chromosomal abnormalities. If you have been trying for a while then you can go and get your levels checked by your doctor – these blood tests may determine what kind of egg reserve you have left as the reserves diminish as we get older

Truth or Dare Questions for Teens

Liam Farrell

Liam Farrell

However, if you are new to sports betting or do not feel comfortable with the arbitrage method, you might want to check out an alternative to sports betting arbitrage http://www.blingmyhomepage.com. Here you will find additional sports betting advice that could make you more successful.
Liam Farrell

If he opts for ‘dare’, then in the same fashion, he must pull out a chit from the ‘dare’ bucket and complete the given task.

Smell another player’s armpits.

Well, those were some pretty interesting questions and challenges that you can use to play an enjoyable game of truth or dare. Do the hokey pokey in the middle of a circle of players and sing a suitable song.

Go to the kitchen and eat something that is not meant for eating (e.g. If he answers ‘truth’, then he is made to remove a chit from the ‘truth’ bucket and truthfully answer the question written on it. Say ‘I love/hate you’ to him/her.

Put an ice cube down your pants, and keep it there until it melts.

If you win a lottery of 100 million dollars, what would you do with the money?

Do the chicken dance for 5 minutes on any musical track.

When did you have your first kiss?

Exchange a clothing item with the player on your left.

If you woke up one day and noticed that you were invisible, what would be the first thing that you would like to do?

What is the strangest dream you have ever had?

Ask for permission the next time you need to use the washroom.

Give a piggyback ride to the player on your right.

Have you ever lied to your boyfriend/girlfriend? If yes, about what?

Among all the people in this room, which girl/guy would you like to date?

Go outside and sing loudly ‘I am a Little Teapot’, complete with all the actions.

Playing truth or dare is full of fun and makes everyone laugh. It can be played anytime and anywhere. All you need is two players for this game, but the more players you have, the merrier it becomes.

What is the question that you don’t want anyone to ask you in this game?

Take a shower with ice-cold water.

Crack an egg on your head.

Act like a seal and let everyone feed you.

Go out and stop the first person you see. They always need some thrill and enjoyment. Truth or dare is an amusing party game that is extremely popular among teens as well as adults. He/she asks someone in the group to pick one from ‘truth or dare’, or you can start it with a spinning bottle as well. It is a simple game and involves the premise of telling the truth or taking up dares/challenges. pepper, chili powder, etc.)

Kiss the first person that comes in through the door.

Playing Truth or Dare

Where did you last stick your booger?

On a scale of 1 to 10, rate everyone present in the room.


If you get a chance to make anyone in this room your slave, who would you like that to be?

If you were to be born again, what would you like to be?

Imitate another player and let everyone try to guess who you are.

Have you ever taken a leak in a swimming pool?

Whenever teens get together, anytime, anywhere, nothing can be expected other than a lot of fun and excitement. So enjoy yourself, but make sure no one gets offended.

Have you ever shop-lifted?


Put an ice cube down your pants, and keep it there until it melts.

Mix different types of sauces and eat what you get.

What is the worst rumor you have spread about someone else?

Who was your first crush?

If you had only 24 hours left to live, what would you do?

Ask out the first person that comes into the room.

Use your teeth to take someone’s sock off.. One player starts the game

Casino-Gaming :: What Percentage Of Races Does The Favorite Horse Win?

Liam Farrell

Liam Farrell

However, if you are new to sports betting or do not feel comfortable with the arbitrage method, you might want to check out an alternative to sports betting arbitrage http://www.blingmyhomepage.com. Here you will find additional sports betting advice that could make you more successful.
Liam Farrell

Thus, place your bet around 20 minutes to race time.

If the horses just below the favorite have better odds, such as 4/1, 5/1 or better; then place your bet on those horses. Remember, when you use this system, you are making your predictions on the odds. Of course, this is providing that you placed a place or show bet. You really need odds of at least 4/1 to win anything if the horse that you bet on places second or third. The reason being that the odds are often better than the favorite winning the race. However, let us say that the race has just six runners, then you have a 1 in 6 chance of winning. Often the odds on the horse most likely to win is poor.

In a race with only six horses running, you have a 1 in 6 chance of picking a winner. The key point: is stay away from horse races where there are lots of runners!

As one can see, it often is better to bet on a horse you think is going to place. I suggest that you choose horse races with nine runners and 1/4 odds on the first three, or six runners with 1/4 odds on the first two. In my opinion, the secret of winning on the horses is to look at the statistics. . For this reason, I do not always place my money on the horse that is predicted to win. In 2 out of 3 races some other horse wins.

As a general rule, the favorite will win about 1/3 of the time, but what is amazing is how often the favorite will place, especially when less than half of the field is 5-1 or lower. Remember, that your horse only has to come in the first three in a six or nine horse race for you to come away with a profit. Thus, you can see that the fewer the runners there are, the better your chances of winning. Of course, if you placed a win bet and the horse does win, then you will come away with lots of money. In this case a favorite will place almost 100% of the time.

In order to win a horse race, you might want to predict the winner by using statistical calculations instead. Therefore, it is statistically speaking, a bad race to bet on. Look at the odds being offered and if they are better on the second or third horse, then go for it.

Why does the horse predicted to place actually wins so many races? Maybe because the favorite usually only wins 1 in 3 races. And do not forget, the horse still has a chance of winning too. In a race with 20 runners you have a 1 in 20 chance of picking the winner. However, bookmakers/tracks usually only offer poor odds if you bet place or show on such a horse. Thus, I suggest that you limit yourself to horse races with either 6 or 9 horses running to have the best chance of winning.

Thus, the question asked is if you should bet on the horse most likely to win? Sometimes the answer to this is “no”. If the odds are less than 4/1, then I suggest passing such a horse race

America’s Most Popular Horse, the Quarter Horse

Liam Farrell

Liam Farrell

However, if you are new to sports betting or do not feel comfortable with the arbitrage method, you might want to check out an alternative to sports betting arbitrage http://www.blingmyhomepage.com. Here you will find additional sports betting advice that could make you more successful.
Liam Farrell

Paul Eastridge and his wife Ms. That honor belongs to a compact and sturdy piece of horseflesh known as the American Quarter Horse.

By 1940, the breed’s numbers were unclear and guidelines for characteristics had not been formalized.  The American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) was established that year with the specific goal of promoting the breed, setting standards of physicality, and registering the animals properly so bloodlines could be vetted. The requirement then was that the horse be able to run a quarter-mile course in no more than 23 seconds (39 miles per hour).  Some, however, have been clocked at speeds of about 55 miles per hour.  Since its start, the Association has registered 5 million Quarter Horses in America, with roughly half that number registered in the 1990s alone with an upsurge in popularity and in economic growth in the country.

Current population of the breed in the US outpaces all others by a comfortable margin.  Quarter Horse racing has increased in attendance in recent years.  The Quarter Horse is a versatile animal, equally suited toward both Western style and English riding disciplines.  It is popular among rodeo riders, barrel racers, and jumpers.  The animals have appeared countless times in Western movies and on television Western programs. The horses are very even in disposition and are great favorites among young riders as well as older people.

It was the Mexican vaquero – the Spanish word from which “buckaroo” is derived – that popularized the little wild Mustangs (descendants of the original renegade horses of the Spaniards) roaming the mesas and scrublands.  The speed and agility of these animals made them ideal for cutting out animals, and their stamina made them ideal for long cattle drives. 

Genetically, the modern Quarter Horse found completion when existing stock carrying bloodlines from John Randolph’s horses were later bred with the wild Mustangs roaming freely west of the Mississippi River.  These horses were the descendants of the Barbs the Spaniards had brought in the 16th Century, and it was the same horse the Plains Indians used for warfare, hunting, and travel.  The Mustang blood added vigor to the Quarter Horse breed.

Also, gratitude goes to Mr. Terry Likes of Magnolia Quarter Horse Farms in Bowling Green, Kentucky, for their patience, and for allowing

access to their Quarter Horse breeding operation. Jennifer Eastridge of Casey Creek, Kentucky.  They graciously answered questions and demonstrated the involved work of a farrier.  With 18 years experience, the Eastridges run a successful business in the south-central Kentucky area under the moniker Bar-E Farms Farrier Service.

Wild Horses

A version of today’s equine roamed the Americas before the last great Ice Age.  When the leviathan ice masses formed, and the Bering Land Bridge opened up as sea levels dropped, the horses of the Americas (along with camels), for whatever reasons, migrated off the face of the Western Hemisphere as other mega-fauna moved in.

The Quarter Horse, its ancestors used by the Mexican vaqueros and the Native Americans on the frontier, also became favored ranch animals by cowboys in the American West.  The animals were even-tempered and hardworking.  It was used by Plains pioneers to break up the prairie sod for houses, it was the preferred mount of the buffalo hunters, and its rugged physique and temperament made it a sure winner for the harsh conditions of the West.

The breed gained recognition, and one particular horse rose to great acclaim in the late 19th to early 20th Century.  This animal, named Peter McCue (foaled in 1895), was originally registered as a Thoroughbred, but its bloodline was later disputed by its owners who claimed it had truly been sired by a Quarter Horse.

The Spanish re-introduced the horse to the Americas.  Upon their arrival in South America and Mexico in the early 16th Century some of the horses they brought escaped.  Over time, these animals established themselves in the chaparral of Mexico and migrated northward into the North American Southwest.

The Mexican natives were the first in the Americas to make the horses a part of their working lives, having seen the example set by the conquering Spaniards firsthand.  Native Americans in what became the United States followed suit.

No Two-Bit Ride

As the English Thoroughbreds were also used as race horses, American colonists, wanting a faster animal, began breeding these with several different horse species (considered native to the Americas at the time), including the original horses domesticated by the vaqueros and the Native Americans.

The animals have seventeen recognized color variations and can range from almost snow-white to the darker shades of chestnut and beyond.   The horses are sturdy, built along the lines of a bulldog (powerful, with what is termed heavy “heart girth”, in the chest) tapering slightly to slightly finer lines in the hindquarters. 

Lightning in Quarter-Time

When people think of horses, the tendency is to bring to the fore images of great, thundering war horses or the lissome, but still quite powerful, racing Thoroughbreds.  Others may tend to think of the smaller ponies of the Pony Express or of the small Shetland pony that was rented for a child’s birthday party.

The slightly more compact, hardier, and agile horses were favored in races running a fourth-mile course, a distance that required speed as well as stamina.  Such horses, those that were specifically bred to run the quarter-mile, were coined somewhat verbosely as “The Celebrated American Quarter Running Horse”.  This moniker was later shortened to “Quarter Horse”.

A Quarter is not Less

Hoof care is critical as horses with poorly maintained shoes or trim work can become lame or otherwise have spinal carriage issues.  Establishing a relationship with a qualified and experienced farrier is critical – this person can ensure the horse is always in the best of physical shape with respect to its feet (the greatest stress points for the great weights the animals carry, horse and rider).  The farrier has to be a combination physicist (to understand the forces stressing the horses tendons, legs, and joints), part-time chiropractor (to understand alignment issues along the horse spine), and certainly he or she must sweat a lot over cleaning, trimming, and shoeing.  It is a very physical job.  Farriers may spend as much as an hour on one animal properly working the hooves and shoeing it all the way around.

They are not subject to extraordinary health issues, though – as with any animal – they will suffer if neglected or improperly maintained.  Routine feeding includes plenty of pasture for grazing (a rule of thumb requires 3 acres per animal – optimally this should be 5 acres) and access to fresh water.  Grazing can certainly be supplemented with regular hay feedings.  Most good breeders also add a dose of daily grains (quantities vary).  Mineral supplements in a powder, along with a lipid supplement (also in powder form to promote healthy hoof growth) are usually mixed in with feed stock as needed.

A good boarding environment is important.  Well-ventilated and debris-free interior spaces are a must.  Stall care is important for those animals that, due to weather or other circumstances, must stay inside a structure.  Insuring that stall floors are clean of manure on a regular basis with fresh floor covering (such as straw or sawdust) is essential to the well-being not just of Quarter Horses, but of any horse.


Though he is not claimed to be the founder of the breed, he did establish its baseline characteristics, shaping the desired breed-specific traits.  These horses were fast over the quarter-mile, and that speed was passed on to successive generations.  Randolph set the bar, in his words, for “compactness of form, strength, and power”.  [As an interesting side note: Randolph's son, John Randolph of Roanoke (1773-1833), became a member of the US House of Representatives from Virginia, a US Senator, and later Minister to Russia.  He also served as Thomas Jefferson's spokesperson in the US House of Representatives.]

Wild Horses — The Sundays

Thoroughbreds were introduced to Colonial America by the English early in the 17th Century.  These were the horses used for working the fields and as draft animals. They have successfully been in the Quarter Horse breeding business for 18 years.   

Although all of these fondly recalled animals have their fans, none are America’s most popular. Author’s Note: Special thanks to Ms.  The original horses of the Conquistadors were of native Spanish, Arabian, and Berber stock (the Berber was called “Barb”).  The Barb Horse (named for the African Barbary Coast) was a hardy import from North Africa thanks to the Moors as they invaded the Iberian Peninsula (starting in 710 CE).

In 1728 in England, one horse (The Godolphin Arabian) changed the racing industry in that country.  This stallion’s offspring were highly prized; and a wealthy Colony of Virginia tobacco planter named John Randolph (1742-1775), imported a grandson of the great Arabian.  Randolph bred this import with his Colonial mares (containing bloodlines from the vaquero and Chickasaw Indian ponies), forging the archetypical American Quarter Horse. . Tammy Garrison and Dr